This Online Course is filled with Basic to Advanced Strategy information on one platform. You will have a username and password to login. There is Over 22+ Lectures with Step by Step videos and Live Charts to help you learn our strategy and increase your learning curve.

Yes, whenever you make profit you can withdraw funds that same day. Anytime!

This all depends on your account balance and the Market conditions. It all varies.

No, The Elite Package and the Pro Package is Education ONLY. Trade alerts is a different package.

No GlobalFX Training is owned by Danielle and she is Self-Taught and teaches her strategy she created.

There is no recruiting & no ranking with us. This is not IML or a MLMarketing company. Our aim is to strictly teach students how to trade alone and learn a skillset to set them free!

All depends you! How much time you spend to understand the rules and have discipline to follow the rules.